My First 100 Hikes in Japan [Infographic]

Eight and a Half Years in the Making

Last week along with its indomitable editor-in-chief quietly chalked up the 100th hike. Yoku ganbarimashita if I might say so! Mind you these aren’t the hyakumeizan (100 top mountains) but hikes I have chosen from across the Greater Tokyo Area and occasionally beyond. When I first started posting my hike reports way back in 2013, I never would’ve imagined that I’d continue it for this long. Part of the reason for the blogs longevity (it’s going on 9 years) lies in the satisfaction from sharing my adventures along with the feedback that I get from you, my beloved readers, who often follow in my footsteps. For those of you who have taken the time to comment and share your experiences or left tips for others I wholeheartedly thank you.

Another point is even after all these years there still aren’t many blogs and websites in English that offer detailed trail notes, downloadable GPX tracks and photos on hiking trails especially around Tokyo. As I’ve stated elsewhere my main goal when writing any hike report is to help my readers answer two questions. Do I want to do this hike? And do I have all the reliable information I need to do this hike safely? For each hike I’d like to think I’ve gone some way towards helping you answer these questions. Also, while I enjoy a day hike as much as the next person, I feel some of the best experiences (and views) are had on multi-day routes which comprise over forty percent of the hikes on this blog.

So, what now, the coronavirus has thrown something of a curveball causing a lot of things to hang in suspended animation including this blog. Like most folk I have focussed on more pressing issues like trying to stay healthy rather than hiking much this year. At last, there is light at the end of the tunnel with a sharp decrease in the number of new cases of infections allowing us to return to our favourite haunts once more. Soon I will be launching a page on the membership platform Patreon something I’ve sidelined for more than a year both as a motivational tool and help make the content on this blog better – for those of you who wish to support me I’m offering some appealing giveaways and other perks, so stay tuned.

Wrapping things up, attached below is a light-hearted infographic about my first 100 hikes in Japan along with a full list of said hikes 😀


My First 100 Hikes in Japan

001Takao-sanJanuary 18 2013Tokyo
002Iwatakeishi-yamaFebruary 1 2013Tokyo
003Hinode-yamaFebruary 14 2013Tokyo
004Bonomine-yamaMarch 4 2013Saitama
005Tanzawa-sanApril 17 2013Kanagawa
006Hinodeyamakita RidgeMay 1 2013Tokyo
007Kumotori-yamaMay 26 2013Tokyo
008Kuro-yamaMay 26 2013Tokyo
009Kasamaru-yamaJune 29 2013Gunma
010Daibosatsu-reiOctober 3 2013Yamanashi
011Kinpu-sanOctober 7 2013Yamanashi
012Ryokami-sanNovember 3 2013Yamanashi
013Mito-sanDecember 14 2013Tokyo
014Ougi-yamaJanuary 1 2014Yamanashi
015OyamaApril 1 2014Kanagawa
016Jinba-sanApril 7 2014Kanagawa
017Odake-sanApril 12 2014Tokyo
018Sengenrei-yamaMay 3 2014Tokyo
019Kawakami VillageMay 5 2014Nagano
020Takanosu-yamaMay 28 2014Tokyo
021Honita-yamaJune 22 2014Tokyo
022Mizugaki-yamaJuly 25 2014Yamanashi
023Nishizawa GorgeAugust 15 2014Yamanashi
024YatsugatakeAugust 24 2014Nagano
025OkuratakamaruSeptember 13 2014Yamanashi
026Karisaka-togeSeptember 24 2014Yamanashi
027Buko-sanOctober 31 2014Saitama
028Gozen-yamaNovember 8 2014Tokyo
029Nokogiri-yamaDecember 20 2014Chiba
030Koubou-yamaApril 11 2015Kanagawa
031Hiryu-sanMay 9 2015Yamanashi
032Kentoku-yamaMay 27 2015Yamanashi
033Koganezawa-yamaSeptember 22 2015Yamanashi
034Hodo-sanNovember 8 2015Saitama
035Tenran-zanDecember 18 2015Saitama
036Hachijo-fujiApril 16 2016Tokyo Islands
037Karataki WaterfallApril 22 2016Tokyo Islands
038Kawanori-yamaMay 18 2016Tokyo
039ShirayanomaruMay 28 2016Yamanashi
040Tengu-dakeJuly 12 2016Nagano
041Takamiiwa RockJuly 25 2016Yamanashi
042Kitayoko-dakeAugust 30 2016Nagano
043Kobushiga-takeOctober 9 2016Nagano
044Oze MarshNovember 1 2016Gunma
045Tenjo-sanApril 4 2017Tokyo Islands
046Gangaharasuri-yamaMay 7 2017Yamanashi
047Odashirogahara MarshlandJune 20 2017Tochigi
048Tateshina-yamaAugust 10 2017Nagano
049Kita-dakeSeptember 1 2017Yamanashi
050Karasawa-dakeOctober 14 2017Nagano
051Shikinejima Coastal HikeMarch 21 2018Tokyo Islands
052Tsuzuraiwa RockApril 29 2018Tokyo
053Tenmoku-zanMay 9 2018Tokyo
054Akagi-yamaJune 1 2018Gunma
055Irikawa GorgeJune 14 2018Saitama
056Miyatsuka-yamaJune 28 2018Tokyo Islands
057Aino-dakeJuly 27 2018Shizuoka
058Yamizo-sanAugust 8 2018Ibaraki
059Nantai-sanSeptember 26 2018Tochigi
060Senjugahama Beach HikeSeptember 27 2018Tochigi
061Tsukuba-sanOctober 1 2018Ibaraki
062Mt. Hiuchiga-take to Shibutsu-sanOctober 6 2018Gunma
063Mitsutoge-yamaOctober 13 2018Yamanashi
064Takao-san to Jinba-sanOctober 25 2018Tokyo
065Tanigawa-dakeNovember 6 2018Gunma
066Okutama Mukashi Michi HikeDecember 1 2018Tokyo
067Shiraiwa Falls HikeDecember 6 2018Tokyo
068Mihara-yamaMarch 20 2019Tokyo Islands
069Three Waterfalls of Unazawa HikeApril 18 2019Tokyo
070Bukka-sanApril 25 2019Kanagawa
071Jinba-san to Mito-sanMay 2 2019Tokyo
072Ogura-yamaJune 2 2019Nagano
073Warusawa-dakeAugust 4 2019Shizuoka
074Kuratake-yamaSeptember 17 2019Yamanashi
075Nyoho-sanOctober 2 2019Tochigi
076Makihata-yamaNovember 3 2019Niigata
077Kariyose-yamaJune 5 2020Tokyo
078Sayama Hills Loop HikeJune 19 2020Tokyo
079Koburi PassJuly 22 2020Saitama
080Nyukasa-yamaAugust 7 2020Nagano
081Aizu-KomagatakeAugust 24 2020Fukushima
082Kurogane-yamaSeptember 25 2020Yamanashi
083Naeba-sanOctober 3 2020Niigata
084Kushigata-yamaOctober 29 2020Yamanashi
085Kasatori-yamaNovember 5 2020Saitama
086HonjagamaruNovember 7 2020Yamanashi
087Lake Okutama Ikoi-no-Michi HikeNovember 14 2020Tokyo
088Hiwada-sanNovember 19 2020Saitama
089Kobotoke-Shiro-yamaDecember 2 2020Kanagawa
090Kintoki-yamaDecember 20 2020Kanagawa
091Raiden-yamaDecember 30 2020Tokyo
092Takagawa-sanMarch 24 2021Yamanashi
093Konara-yamaApril 5 2021Yamanashi
094Nabewari-yamaApril 11 2021Kanagawa
095Takigo-yamaApril 24 2021Yamanashi
096Izuga-takeMay 6 2021Saitama
097Kuki-yamaMay 29 2021Yamanashi
098Myoko-san to Hiuchi-yamaJuly 30 2021Niigata
099Wanakura-yamaOctober 8 2021Saitama
100Mishotai-sanNovember 7 2021Yamanashi
Indicates a multiday hike            

  • Congratulations on your own hyakumeizan.
    Otsukara sama desu.
    Thank you so much for your very informative blog.
    I have lost count of number of times I have quickly searched for information on your blog before zeroing on a hike I want to do.
    Cheers and keep blogging.

  • Congratulations David, 100 is an excellent number. Hopefully many more wonderful hikes in front of you and thank you for sharing. Ganbatte!

  • Congratulations & thank you! Your blog is always one of my first reference points when looking for new hike inspiration!

  • Congratulations David. That is a great milestone and a spectacular list of adventures. I loved the infographic too (especially the bit on 0 bear encounters).
    I hope there are plenty more mountains to come.

    • Cheers for that G. Have to say it’s been a real privilege to have lived these adventures, countless great memories even when things didn’t pan out as expected. Yes, with a bit of luck there will be plenty more.