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Reading and understanding Japanese maps

Geodetic Datum Origin of Japan

Central reference point for all Japanese surveys First up this sightseeing locale is only really recommended for mapping diehards. To give some perspective the place doesn’t even make TripAdvisor’s list of 623 ‘things to do’ in the Minato ward – heaven forbid Tokyo. So, with that out the way...

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Japanese Vintage Hiking Maps

Vintage Maps that Continue to Soldier on After years of faithfully pointing sightseers in the right direction, these mostly painstakingly hand drawn Japanese hiking maps...

Hiking trails now embed on maps

Waypoints Successfully Embeded! For sometime now I considered a drawback of this site was the failure to provide schematic hiking routes. I have now addressed the issue...

Reading Japanese Hiking Maps

Japanese Mapping Nomenclature Debunked Knowing your limits, keeping safe and out of harm’s way should be your number one priority when hitting the mountain trails...

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