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If you’d like to provide feedback, offer suggestions, or ask a general hiking-related question in Japan, please submit it using this form. I’m happy to answer general questions.

For more specific advice and suggestions via email or chat, I kindly ask for three (US$9) Ko-fi donations (a platform to support creators) to get started. Additionally, I offer a 20-minute one-on-one chat with me via Zoom or Skype for the equivalent of $20 worth of Ko-fi donations. Detailed trip planning is available for $60 per hour (covers most one to two-day itineraries). This represents a significant savings when compared to similar travel consulting services. Some of these personalised services are also available to Patreon supporters.

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 I am not currently accepting guest contributions (free or paid).
 I don’t facilitate link placements. If you are seeking to have your links placed, please refrain from contacting me.

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