Hiking Kanji Cheat Sheet

Navigating the Japanese Wilds with Ease

Way back when I first started this blog one of the first topics I tackled was Japanese hiking maps with the emphasise on reading common kanji found out on the trail. This post remains popular and is updated whenever I come across a new term. The downside is it’s basically just a list and not particularly well organised. What was really needed was a foldable, pocket size, waterproof, quick reference ‘cheat sheet’ that could be carried along on hikes. I’m pleased to say, it’s now a reality! Recently the glossary has undergone a complete makeover including translations for over 120 words and phrases. It is also now double-sided, comprising the hyakumeizan, mountains over 3000 metres, a day hiking checklist along with a list of long-distance hiking trails. It’s all in the name of helping you make quick reckoning of those pesky signs and mapping terms out there.

Patron’s that pledge at least $3 a month will receive a waterproof copy in the mail. A PDF version is also available to download from my Patreon-only feed. As always, thank you for your support!

Waterproof Pocket Size Hiking Kanji Cheat Sheet


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  • I just found this out after eight months following your blog! This is amazing. Sent you a KoHi, David, hope you start hiking again soon.