What is Patreon and Why I’m Starting a Page

Over the years, some regular visitors to this blog have reached out to me asking how they can contribute, which I deeply appreciate. In the past, I ran advertisements, but I personally dislike the concept of pushing intrusive and unrelated messages to my readers. Plus, AdBlock pretty much makes them redundant anyway. As a result, I’ve shifted my focus to the membership platform Patreon. In a nutshell, Patreon is a way to help fund content creators by donating as little as $2 each month. This allows the creator to have more disposable income that he or she can use to make the necessary investments to make the content they create better, which in the end will give you, the patron, a better and more enjoyable experience.

The reason I’m starting a Patreon page and asking you to contribute is that many hours of hard work go into researching and writing up each hike report. Since writing my first blog post in January 2013, I have published over 140 hike reports from my ramblings around the Greater Tokyo Area, including more than 2,000 km of detailed trail notes (over 40 percent are multi-day trips). I have also written numerous posts about exploration of outdoor ruins, sightseeing spots, how-tos, along with some gear reviews. More than 2 million people have visited the site, and I know from your feedback and comments that many of you have gotten some inspiration and revelled in some memorable adventures of your own.

My ultimate goal, put simply, is to spend more time in the outdoors, documenting a whole heap more hikes and adventures to share with you. The donations made to the blog are a tremendous help to making that dream a reality. I hope that as the blog progresses further, you will find satisfaction in knowing that your donation played an instrumental part in its success. All patrons get their name memorialised on my ‘Donor Wall of Fame‘ below and access to my Patreon-only feed, which includes escapades that don’t make the blog and updates on upcoming adventures, along with some giveaways and other perks depending on the membership level.

If you’d like to make a one-time “tip” and buy me a coffee, I have a Ko-Fi page here.

Thank you.

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Here’s a quick 60-second video I did explaining my Patreon campaign:

Patreon Donor Wall of Fame

A huge thanks to the following patrons for their generosity in supporting what I do 😉

Antoine Beaussire
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Hayley Durack
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