Mt. Koubou 弘法山

Mt. Gongen 権現山 – Mt. Koubou 弘法山

Duration: 2.5 hours
Distance: 7 km
Elevation change: 145 metres
Highest point: 235 metres
Start: Hadano Station (Odakyu Odawara Line)
Finish: Tsurumaki-Onsen Station (Odakyu Odawara Line)
Map: Yama to Kogen Chizu 山と高原地図 [No.29 丹沢 TANZAWA]

Family Oriented Hike in the Mount Oyama Foothills

Located in the foothills south of Mount Oyama this family oriented hike is only an hour train ride from Shinjuku Station on the Odakyu Odawara Line. The hike is enormously popular year round especially during the cherry blossom season where lanterns light up the flowers in the early evening.

From Hadano Station turn right and walk along the road for about 20 minutes where the trail head commences on your right just a little way up from the 7-Eleven. The 150 metre climb up to Mt. Gongen 権現山 (245 m) isn’t particularly steep and remains on a rolling ridge passing Mt. Koubou 弘法山 (235m) 15 minutes further along. There are plenty of picnic tables and benches to take lunch and clear days affords views towards Mt. Fuji and Sagami Bay. For those looking for an alternative route to Mt. Oyama, half way along finds a 9 km route snaking its way to the summit. After passing Mt. Azuma 吾妻山 the trail heads down to the Tsurumaki-Onsen Station where you can relax in its namesake hot spring (1,000 yen).