Hiking First Aid Kit Revisited

Lightweight Tailor-made First Aid Satchel

Whether out for a leisurely day hike or week long jaunt in the Japanese Alps carrying a first-aid kit is a must. For the lion’s share of my hiking life (in Japan) I have carried this bad boy which came in at a hefty 510g (18oz). Admittedly it used to include a heavy ass pocket knife while these days I carry a small compact one, this alone saved 100g! Also, I only pack the SOL 1-2 survival blanket on day hikes and items like my compass, pen and hand sanitiser are kept in a separate storage sleeve. Another weight saving was switching to a lighter first aid pouch. My old Deuter brand bag served me well though was substantial at 91g in contrast my new water-resistant Granite Gear First Aid Air Pocket is a feathery 12g (0.4oz). The whole kit and caboodle comes in at a very respectable 117g (4.1oz) another reason to make your own rather than buy one ready-made off the shelf.

Hiking First Aid Kit Checklist (Updated)

1. 3M Steri-Strip reinforced adhesive skin closures R1542, 6mm x 38mm
2. 3M Medipore + Pad adhesive wound dressing 3564E, 10cm x 6cm
3. 3M Tegaderm HP transparent dressing HP 9534HP, 6cm x 7cm
4. Band-Aid jumbo size bandages
5. Band-Aid regular size bandages
6. Gauze pads 5cm x 7.5cm
7. Taharmayim chlorine water purification tablets
8. Loxonin tablets 60mg Loxoprofen sodium hydrate (painkiller/anti-inflammatory)
9. Popiyodon 10% cotton stick (topical iodine solution)
10. 3M Micropore skin tone surgical tape 1533SP-0, 12.5mm x 9.1m
11. Granite Gear First Aid Air Pocket 30D Sil nylon ripstop 18cm x 13cm (12g)
12. Spare lighter
13. Victorinox Classic Pocket Knife (21g)
14. Gentamicin sulfate ointment 0.1% (inhibits bacterial growth)
15. ChapStick
16. Nitrile gloves (latex free)

Total weight: 117g (4.1oz)


First aid kit total weight.

Toiletry kit including toothbrush, toothpaste and hand sanitiser.