Tokyo is undeniably one of the most dynamic cities providing enormous scope for photographic exploration. Also forgot to mention crowded – with anyone in doubt try hotfooting through Shinjuku station at just about any time or day. In contrast the natural environs surrounding Tokyo exhibit an innate beauty making for creative outings for you and your camera. Through ridgelineimages I hope to portray some of this character presenting it in a illuminating and informative way that appeals to those visiting the site.

As for me – I have been living in Japan since July 2007, first in a small town in Fukushima and now on the outskirts of Tokyo which makes for easy getaways to the surrounding mountains. As a person who has both a love of hiking and photography and other outdoorsy pursuits I felt the best way to amalgamate the two was a website/blog. Hopefully the site will provide some inspiration for others to enjoy the many trails and outdoor offerings on the doorstep of Tokyo.

David Lowe

  One does not climb to attain enlightenment, rather one climbs because he is enlightened.

Zen Master Futomaki


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