25 Places to Enjoy the Outdoors in Tokyo

Relax and Unwind at these Secluded Spots

With a population exceeding 13 million residents, the Tokyo Metropolis easily ranks as the most populous of the 47 prefectures of Japan. Area wise it lies third from the bottom, resulting in a limited amount of personal space for the average Tokyoite. Whilst this may invoke an image of a living hell – for anyone regularly commuting across town it surely does – the inner-city congestion is tempered with restful suburban green belts and areas of pristine nature on the city’s outer edges. Collectively these expanses of greenery offer a welcome respite from the bustle of the city as well as a place to escape to and explore on weekends.

Away back this blog touched on some lesser known places to visit in the Kanto region, this time we are confining our search exclusively to the Tokyo metropolitan boundary. The locations have been divided into eight categories (filterable), such as waterfalls, lakes, forests, campsites etc. but also includes some curious architectural anomalies on the city fringes. Okutama Town in the far western portion of Tokyo features most prominently with ten attractions, followed by Hinohara Village with four Hachioji City and with three points of interest. Some places are well trodden while others see only the occasional passerby. Importantly, the majority of spots are either free or have a modest entrance fee which is another great reason to go out and enjoy them for yourself.

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