Hiking in Japan Sourcing Water from the Trail

Hiking in Japan: Sourcing Water from the Trail

Would you Drink the Water from this Lake?
I did and suffered no ill effects. Anyway, before we get into that let’s rewind a little. Recently, I received an email from someone asking whether it’s safe to drink water from the mountains around Tokyo. This is an excellent question with vexed...

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Mt. Kitayokodake 北横岳

Futagoike 双子池 – Mt. Kitayokodake 北横岳
Exploring the Top End of the Yatsugatake Mountains
In the late summer the weather is at best changeable, strike...

Minobusan: Kuonji Temple

The Perennial Home of Nichiren Buddhism
From a distance the 1,153 metres high Mount Minobusan looks rather innocuous, however belying its mild exterior is the head...

Takamiiwa Rock 鷹見岩

Dainichi-goya 大日小屋 – Takamiiwa Rock 鷹見岩
One of the Finest Views in the Chichibu Tama Kai NP
The main driver behind this hike was less about putting...

Mt. Tengudake 天狗岳

Honzawa Onsen 本澤温泉 – Mt. Tengudake 天狗岳 – Shibunoyu 渋の湯
Enjoy Some of Yatsugatake Best Hiking
This hike is almost a reverse offering of...