Takao Baigo Plum Blossoms 高尾梅郷

Hiked on Mar 7, 2024


Takao Plum Tree Road 高尾梅郷遊歩道 – Kogesawa Plum Grove 木下沢梅林

  Duration: 3 hours
  Distance: 8.5 km
  Elevation change: 275 metres
  Highest point: 108 metres
  Start: Takao Station (Chuo Main Line)
  Finish: Kobotoke Bus Stop
  Difficulty:   ▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅  
  Map: Yama to Kogen Chizu 山と高原地図 [No.29 高尾・陣馬 TAKAO·JINBA]



8 Plum Groves Along the Old Koshu Kaido

Takao Baigo (Takao Plum Blossom Area) is the general term for plum groves scattered along the old Koshu Kaido, about 1km from Takao Station. Not far from its namesake, Mt. Takao, this leisurely stroll passes by eight groves, with Kogesawa Plum Grove being particularly impressive, boasting 1,400 cultivated plum trees. The plum trees typically bloom here from mid-February to mid-March. During this time, the Takao Baigo Plum Festival is usually held, coinciding with the peak bloom of the plum blossoms, offering food stalls and events for visitors. I visited back in 2015 but was keen to return, hoping to enjoy the area minus the crowds.

I started from JR Takao Station 高尾駅, but it can also begin at Takaosanguchi Station 高尾山口駅 on the Keio Line and ends at the Kobotoke Bus Stop 小仏バス停. After exiting the north exit of Takao Station, turn left and walk along National Route 20, which runs parallel to the Keio Line. The starting point of the walk, Takao Plum Tree Road 高尾梅郷遊歩道, is just before crossing the Kobotoke River.

The first plum grove, known as Yuhodo Bairin 遊歩道梅林 or esplanade, stands alongside the river. Due to my early start around 7:30 am, there were very few people around, perhaps also because the forecast for blue skies didn’t materialise. Leaving the riverside, head to the Sekisho 関所梅林 Plum Grove at the Kobotoke Checkpoint Ruins. This checkpoint was established during the Edo period. In the small park, the yellow Cornelian Cherry Dogwood was also looking rather splendid.

Next up is Tenjin Bairin 天神梅林, a grove of plum blossoms located on a steep slope below a small shrine with a nearby water hole where you can enjoy cold, delicious water. The grove is adorned with red and white lanterns, although it’s uncertain if they are illuminated at night. After crossing the bridge and returning to the old Koshu Kaido road, continue uphill under the Chuo Line, where you’ll find the Arai Plum Grove 荒井梅林. Besides the secluded plum blossom grove, it offers a lovely vantage point overlooking the Chuo Line and the Tenjin Plum Grove.

Another festival venue is located right under the Ken-O Expressway, near Takao-Umemoto Town Square 高尾梅の郷まちの広場 and Yunohana 湯の花梅. More plum blossoms were in full bloom along the narrow old Koshu Kaido. Just beyond the Yunohana Plum Grove lies Surisashi Town Squareするさし梅林, on the other side of the river.

After passing the trout fishing spot and under the historic brick arch beneath the Chuo Main Line, which dates from the early 1900s, immediately turn right at the fork in the road to reach Kogesawa Plum Grove 木下沢梅林. Here, the plum blossoms put on a dazzling display, although arguably best admired from a distance. Surprisingly, there is no entry fee, and it is open daily while the plum blossoms are in bloom from March 2nd to March 17th (2024) from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

After you finish wandering around, head back to the road and uphill, lined with more plum blossoms, to reach the Kobotoke Bus Stop, which takes about 10 minutes. From there, you can take a bus back to JR Takao Station, which typically takes around 20 minutes depending on the traffic and costs 280 yen.


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  • I visited the plum groves this year on March 5th. I started from Takaosanguchi Station and hiked up Mt Takao, then from there hiked down Iroha Forest Trail towards Hikagezawa Camp (日影沢キャンプ場) and then on to Kogesawa Plum Bairin (木下沢梅林) After that I did a similar course to the one you did in reverse back to Takao Station. I was with friends and we liked it because we didn’t have to rely on catching a bus. We also enjoyed buying okara donuts at Mineo Tofu Shop just before Surusashi Bairin (するさし梅林).

    • Hi Lou, that sounds like a nice way to extend the hike and not have to rely on taking the bus back. Plus, you could reward yourself with donuts!