Kongo Falls in Hachioji City

Hidden Waterfall on the Outskirts of Tokyo

One needn’t look far to discover pockets of nature in Tokyo with Hachioji City being a good example. Located only 40 km west of the city centre it contains the hugely popular hiking destinations of Mt. Takao and Mt. Jinba along with the ruins of the former Hachioji Castle. Adding to this list is the little-known Kongo Falls 金剛の滝 in the north-west of the city. It’s secluded, relaxing and a perfect spot to cool off in the summer. The falls drop 25 metres in two distinct sections, with the higher waterfall at the back accessible by means of a chiselled-out rock tunnel. To get a better view there is a stone stairway rising above the falls. The area also includes an easy hiking course up to Mt. Imakuma finishing at Komine Park.

Sign post to the Kongo Falls.

Hiking path follows along the stream bank.

The lower Kongo Falls from a distance.

Boardwalk and rock passage (right side).

View of Kongo Falls from top of the stairway.

Crystal clear stream below the falls.
  Access: from Musashi-Itsukaichi Station the Kongo Falls are about a 50-minute walk. Local access map.


  • Hi David,

    I ride out there on my bicycle all the time. I’ve been riding and hiking all around Imakuma and that area** but am wondering where you access a trail to get to the falls. Did you go in and out from the park? It also seems like there is a trail that goes over the tunnel on Route 32.

    **The flowers at the shrine are stunning in April.


    • ps…. I just looked at the maps you use and now I’m guessing you probably went from the Imakuma Tozan guchi.

      • Patrick, I hiked from Musashi-Itsukaichi Station which took around 50-minutes if I recall right. I’ve updated the map link so I hope that helps.

      • pps I went out there today. It was awesome. There is so much water now. It’s impossible to get there without getting your feet wet.