Tenku-no Torii (Torii Gate in the Sky)

Mount Fuji’s Majesty from the Tenku-no Tori

Last week, Akiko and I were lucky enough to spend a couple of nights auto camping at the rather lovely Retreat Camp Mahoroba which is sheltered above the waters of Lake Kawaguchiko in Yamanashi. While we’re more than happy to spend the lion’s share of our time milling about the campground it’s always nice to find some local areas to explore on foot. This particular occasion presented two, the Tenku-no Torii, or “Torii Gate in the Sky” along with the Haha-no-Shirataki Waterfall both 10 and 20 minutes’ walk away respectably. We kind of hit the jackpot here as the outlook of Fujisan and Lake Kawaguchiko from Tenku-no Torii is quite breathtaking.

Living up to its name, this recently built torii gate perches on a mountainside, offering a truly celestial perspective. The brilliant red gate itself is a captivating sight, but the true magic lies in what it frames. On a clear day, like the one we were fortunate to experience, the Tenku-no Torii perfectly frames Mount Fuji. The expansive canvas also captures the serenity of Lake Kawaguchiko and the town of Fujikawaguchiko nestled below.

While the Tenku-no Torii might not be on every tourist’s itinerary yet, its popularity is on the rise thanks to social media, and for good reason. It’s a place that combines cultural significance (the torii gate holds a special place in Shinto beliefs) with breathtaking natural beauty. This mountainside red torii gate serves as a sacred symbol of Shintoism and offers a unique perspective on the majestic Mount Fuji.

Need to Know:

  • Built in 2019, the Tenku-no Torii (“Gate in the Sky”) offers a unique place for worship and connection with Mount Fuji.
  • The torii gate belongs to the Kawaguchi Asama Shrine located at the mountain’s base.
  • From the Asama Shrine, it’s an easy 30-minute hike that rewards you with not only the breathtaking vista but also a sense of accomplishment. For those who prefer a less strenuous route, the gate is also accessible by car (though parking can be limited).
  • No specific open hours are specified, but there was an attendant present from 8:00 am. Everyone has to pay 100 yen for a photo session in front of the Torii, with each group allotted 3 minutes.

Bonus Tip:

  • If you’re planning your own Tenku-no Torii adventure, be sure to check the weather conditions beforehand. Clear skies are key to capturing the full magic of this special place.


  Access: The nearest bus stop is the Kawaguchiko Post Office bus stop (河口局前), 10-minute bus ride and 310 yen from Kawaguchiko Station.