Tama Lake

Pedalling Around Tama Lake While artificial lakes are prevalent throughout Japan ones that contain cycling paths encompassing their length and breadth are not. Enter...

Mt. Tanzawa 丹沢山

Mt. Tounotake 塔ノ岳 – Mt. Tanzawa 丹沢山 – Mt. Hirugatake 蛭ヶ岳 . Scaling Over the Tanzawa Mountains The allure of traversing Mt. Tanzawa has beckoned me ever since moving to...

Hakuunsan Torii Kannon

A Bodhisattva Inspired Kannon Temple The township of Naguri is more than just a launching pad for local trekking adventures and includes the impressive Hakuunsan Torii...

Mt. Bonomine 棒ノ峰山

Naguri Lake 名栗湖 – Mt. Makinooyama 槙ノ尾山 – Mt. Bonomine 棒ノ峰山 . Battling Up The Sengaku Ridge Slap-bang between Shomaru Station (Seibu Chichibu Line) to the north and Kawai...

Kiyomizu-dera Kyoto

A Pilgrimage to the Quintessential Temple While yesterday was unfathomably cold, today Kyoto turned into one gigantic puddle with incessant rain putting a dampener on...

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