Secret Point: Niijima’s Best Surf Spot

How Not to Keep a Secret Spot Secret

Habushiura Beach on Niijima is said to be the most beautiful in the Izu Islands and has long lured surfers looking to ride the best waves around. There’s a section of beach oddly named “Secret Point” in that just about every sign post on the south side of the island points to its whereabouts. Getting to the Secret Point is just a matter of following the signs which eventually lead to you to a spot where the road tapers off at a small parking area. Follow the goat trail which brings you to a flight of stairs. The backdrop from the top is stunning with the sea wonderfully framed between the cliff walls. From the bottom of the stairs it takes around 20 minutes to reach the southernmost part of Secret Point where the shoreline finds a pinch point between the towering sandstone cliffs and breaking waves below.

Niijima’s not so Secret Point.

View from the Habushiura observation deck.

Habushiura coast.

Grey clouds form in the late afternoon.

Secrets Habushiura Beach.

Habushiura Beach sandstone cliffs.

Washed up buoy.

Towering sandstone cliffs near pinch point.