Ultralight Primus Femto Stove P-115 Review

One of the World’s Lightest Gas Canister Stoves at 56g

Investing in a quality lightweight stove is something all backpackers should consider a wise investment. In my university hiking days I was an exponent of the Trangia alcohol-burning stoves but ultimately found their weight and rather heavy fuel consumption a shortcoming. These days I prefer the simplicity of canister style stoves which along with being lighter and fuel efficient are significantly more compact to carry around.

This past year I have been road testing the ultralight Primus Femto P-115 canister stove. This model is manufactured in Japan under license from the Swedish brand recognised for pioneering outdoor cooking. Apart from its feathery 56 gram lightweight construction what initially attracted me the stove was the integrated piezo ignition system which works well at altitudes under 2,000 metres. As always it’s best to carry matches and a lighter as the piezo ignition generally fails to ignite in windy conditions or when the temperature dips under 5ºC.

Designed with a solo backpacker in mind the stove has three foldaway pot supports which help to reduce the overall size and is quick to set up. A disadvantage however comes in the form of stability particularly when using the smaller 9 cm diameter canisters. The stove is equipped with a super fine adjustment mechanism that can be easily adjusted from fully open to simmer. The power output is 2.5kW which is comparable to other manufacturers and rapidly brings water to the boil. An interesting feature is the burner head surface which houses a micro-fibre metal mesh to better regulate the mixed gas and air while helping concentrate the flame. For safe storage and transport a durable drawstring nylon bag comes included.

The great thing is the Primus Femto P-115 teams up nicely with the Primus solo cook set with a full gas canister, stove and pots neatly fitting together with a total weight of just over 500 grams. The stove is best suited to 3 season use as it lacks wind protection in bad weather though employing a homemade wind shield may extend its use through the cooler months.


This ultra-lightweight, compact stove makes it an ideal choice for long-distance adventurers.

  Zamberlan 132 Airound GTX RR: Specs

Weight: 56g (2 oz.)
Open size: diameter 120 mm
Folded size: 5.4 x 7.4 x 2.7 cm (2.1″ x 2.9″ x 1.1″)
Power output: 2500 W
Ignition: piezoelectric
Nylon storage bag included
Country of origin: Japan
Primus Femto Stove P-115: 6,800 yen ($58 USD) (as at Dec 16, 2014)


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