Prevent Blisters with Tegaderm Film Dressing

Say Farewell to Blisters with Tegaderm

Foot blisters out on the trail are more than just a nuisance and have in a worse case scenario the potential to ruin a hike. I have previously written about the importance of looking after your feet through the use of high quality socks. Today I’m going to extend this a little further and talk about Tegaderm transparent film an excellent first line product to prevent blisters.

During my University days I distinctly remember donning on a new pair of Scarpa boots only to find the lustrous Italian leather shredding away layers of skin. In those days the usual course of action was to cover the afflicted areas with Elastoplast and hope for the best. Recently a nursing friend first suggested 3M Tegaderm film that she uses for securing I.V. drips and wound care as an option to prevent foot blisters, so I decided to put it to the test with a pair of leather boots I hadn’t worn in years. Previously these boots caused rubbing at the back of the foot though after a long hike I was pleasantly surprised find my feet blister free with the film still firmly in place.

The Tegaderm film comes in two varieties, a regular and HP (Holding Power) version and can attested the later will readily secure to your feet for several days even in moist conditions. The film dressings conform well to the feet and flex with skin for greater comfort and they are also semi-permeable allowing moisture and air exchange through the dressing. The added benefit of carrying these is they are also suitable for treating abrasions, lacerations and superficial burns. The only downside of the Tegaderm film dressing is cost and availability with a pack of eight sterile dressings setting you back around ten dollars. If you are truly concerned about the health and well-being of your feet, investing in a few surely pay dividends when they are most needed.


Versatile hospital grade surgical strips providing protection from blisters and treatment of small cuts and wounds.


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