Ryujin, Kuzuryu, Yume, and Sugedaira Falls in Hinohara Village

Hinohara Village ‘Takimeguri’ Waterfall Tour Continues

This blog post continues my Hinohara Falls Tour Hinohara Takimeguri ひのはら滝めぐり a photographic journey of the 13 main waterfalls in Hinohara Village, Tokyo. Apart from the four waterfalls introduced below, I have so far visited the Hossawa Falls, Tengu and Aya Falls, Mito Otaki Falls, Meoto Falls, Hanamizu Falls along with the Nakayama and Kichijoji Falls. The last one still to knock off is the Amagoi Falls which I hope to visit this coming autumn.

Ryujin Falls 龍神の滝

A short walk from the Hinohara-Kaido finds the Ryujin Falls nestled in a beautiful, quiet ravine. Owing to upstream cedar plantations the amount of water has decreased over the years but at 18 metres high still has some majesty about it. Cross the wooden bridge that traverses the Minami Aki River to get closer to the action. In the past, mujina (badgers) inhabited the area and thus the falls sometimes goes by its other alias Mujina no Taki. Approximately 3 minutes on foot from the Kazuma Onsen Centre bus stop.


Kuzuryu Falls 九頭龍の滝

The Kuzuryu Falls are two-tiered with a combined drop of 10 metres. Along with the Ryujin Waterfall these falls are known for the ascetic practice of takigyo or standing underneath a cascade of water to purify one’s mind and body. Those interested in giving it a shot can make inquires through the nearby Kuzuryu Shrine that was established in 1545. Located 10 minutes’ walk from the Kazuma Bus Stop.

Yume Falls 夢の滝

Continuing along the Hinohara-Kaido arrives at the 19-metre-high Yume Falls that can be viewed by passing motorists. While not the biggest waterfall what it lacks in size makes up with a gentle yet entrancing flow. Situated 30 minutes’ walk from the Kazuma Bus Stop.

Sugedaira Falls 菅平の滝

Little visited and difficult to access, the Sugedaira Falls are located 10 minutes’ walk up the mountain path that shortcuts to the Hinohara Tomin no Mori from the Yuma Falls. The falls are two-tiered with a combined drop of 10 metres with a deep plunge pool.


  Access: From Musashi-Itsukaichi Station take a bus bound for the Kazuma Onsen Centre bus stop (54 mins, 960 yen).

  • We’re going to stumble into each other one of these days for sure. I was this close to dropping by this same area this morning but decided for a bike ride around Sayama and Tama Lakes at the last minute.

    Stay safe.

    • A good waterfalls hike in the Nishi Tanzawa area :
      Otakibashi Bus Stop to Nishi Tanzawa Visitor Center. This is very well signposted as it’s part of the Tokai Nature Trail. From Odakyu Shin Matsuda get the bus bound for Nishi Tanzawa Visitor Centre, and get off after about 50 minutes at the Otakibashi Bus Stop. Walk up the road (in the direction the bus is going) about only 50 metres, and you’ll see a signboard and the trailhead on the left. The hike follows the Kouchi River. After a while, you’ll pass an old hut with a small sandy beach — beautiful to take a break/ dip your feet. Continue up to the new Azegamaru hut (no water), then down as you pass several waterfalls toward the Nishi Tanzawa Visitor Centre. Most of the hike is under tree canopy. Takes 3 – 3.5 hours

      ps — unrelated, but Hanamasa has just started selling its own (yellow) brand almond n’ oatmeal cookies. 100g / 490 k. 200 yen. Taste great