The year in review

Looking Back on the Year

The main impetus for getting this blog started was frustration with the lack of information in English on hiking trails around Tokyo. Over the past year I have relished the opportunity to document my experiences and realised the enjoyment that comes from getting out into the wilderness. Whether meandering up the well-worn trails of Mt. Takao or taking in a glorious sunrise from the summit of Mt. Kumotori, peaceful contemplation is something I always delight in. Starting out on day trips, progressing to overnight stays at mountain lodges and now carrying all my own gear has been valuable lesson in self-reliance, providing an increased confidence when embarking on a hike. Notwithstanding our fragility on the mountain peaks where complacency has no place and being prepared for the unforeseen is vital for survival. Another positive aspect of journeying into the backcountry are the spontaneous friendships which are often spawned, making them a wonderful place to celebrate diversity. Case in point was last week’s hike to Mt. Odera, where upon turning up unannounced at the building site, I was treated with gracious hospitality and even invited to join in the workers end of year party with phone numbers exchanging hands. It is occurrences such as this, which make the early morning rousing’s worth their weight.

The feedback I have received from those visiting makes me feel some positive in roads have been laid and I look forward to detailing hopefully similarly interesting adventures in 2014. For those that have dropped by to check out the site and others who have contacted me personally, I thank you kindly and wish everyone a safe and intrepid year ahead.