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Kosuge Shiraito Falls

Not the Easiest Access but a Gorgeous Spot Nestled in the back hills of Kosuge Village just inside Yamanashi Prefecture contains a couple of rather beautiful waterfalls. First is the Shiraito Falls (not to be confused with the waterfall of the same name in Fujinomiya) and second the Odaki Falls...

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Jomon Era: Kaniwa Cave

Hunter-gatherer Cave on a Chichibu Mountainside On a recent outing to the ruins of the former Mitsumine Ropeway in Chichibu, Saitama we spotted what appeared to be a...

Hossawa Falls in Winter

Hossawa Falls on a Wintry Morning During a previous visit to the Hossawa Falls in early spring a few years back, splendid greenery complemented Tokyo’s most renowned...

Sunrise over Tama Lake

Experiencing Sayama Hills at Dawn One nice thing about living in burbs of western Tokyo is Tama Lake and the surrounding 3,500 ha Sayama Hills. In fact, for nature...

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