Hiking in Japan: 100 Favourite Things

100 Things You Should Know About Hiking Japan

In spite of the fact that blogging is often thought of as a solitary pursuit, most of us count on the support, wisdom, and good deeds of others to cobble things together. This blogger included. I don’t mince words when I say that Ridgeline Images would not have been possible without many of the sites brought together here, as well as the brains behind them. Whether it be planning a hike, checking the weather, or simply seeking out some local inspiration, these websites and blogs have regularly piqued my interest, steered me out of harm’s way, saved me a ton of time and exasperation, or simply shown me a different way of looking at things. The list is well worth combing through and hopefully provides a trick or two when it comes to planning your next hiking adventure.

For advice about how to plan an overnight hike in Japan check out this link for further information.


1. Yamareco
2. Yamap
3. Yamakei
4. Okutama trail conditions
5. Yamanashi trail conditions
6. Tanzawa trail guide
7. Oze trail guide
8. Seibu Line hikes
9. Tobu Line hikes north of Tokyo
10. Kanto Fureai Trail
11. Tokai Nature Trail
12. Shinestu Trail
13. Okumusashi Long Trail
14. Yamanashi Prefecture climbing difficulty ratings
15. Gary J. Wolff climbing Mt. Fuji FAQ
16. Tozan-guchi Navi


17. Hikawa campground
18. Karisaka-goya
19. Kasatori-goya
20. Mawarime-daira campground
21. Nagano mountain hut portal
22. Minami Alps mountain huts


23. jRO Japan Rescue Organization
24. Cocoheli
25. Submit a backcountry plan using Compass
26. JMA volcanic alert levels
27. Wes Lang’s The Great Escape
28. Michael Blodgett’s Misstep in the Mountains
29. The Mt. Tomuraushi Incident


30. Hiking and Trekking: The Japan Alps and Mount Fuji
31. Hiking in Japan: An Adventurer’s Guide to the Mountain Trails
32. Lonely Planet hiking in Japan
33. Lonely Planet’s Best Day Walks Japan
34. Day Walks Near Tokyo
35. One Hundred Mountains of Japan
36. Climb: Leaving Safe and Finding Strength on 100 Summits in Japan
37. Tozan – A Japanese Mountain Odyssey (forthcoming)
38. 50-day hikes around Tokyo
39. Yamap Kanto area hikes
40. Best 130-day hikes around the Kanto region


41. Tenki to Kurasu
42. Mountain Forecast
43. Japan Meteorological Agency precipitation forecast
44. Windy
45. NHK weather forecast


46. Yama to Kogen Chizu
47. Kibito Publishing
48. GSI Geospatial Information Authority of Japan
49. Mina-no-ashitoko heatmap
50. Ride with GPS


51. Hiking in Japan
52. Hiking Around Tokyo
53. Hokkaido Wilds
54. Climb Japan
55. One Hundred Mountains
56. Tokyo Hikeographer
57. Lost Filipina
58. My Mancave is the Mountains
59. Okutama One
60. Yamarepo
61. Blue Sky
62. Syumatsu Yama


63. Snow Peak 450 titanium mug cup
64. Evernew Ti mug pot 900
65. Primus Femto stove P-115
66. Nanga Aurora Light 450 DX sleeping bag
67. KS Ultralight Gear
68. Montbell
69. Sakaiya outdoor shop
70. Kamoshika outdoor shop
71. ICI Ishii Sports
72. L-Breath
73. Moripark Outdoor Village
74. Maunga second hand
75. Yama Rent


76. Sapporo soup curry
77. Muji curry
78. OBB baby cheese
79. Family Mart tuna mayo onigiri
80. Montbell Risotta
81. Meiji Galbo choco pouch
82. Asahi protein bar
83. Morinaga Creap powder
84. Morinaga in+ salt tablets


85. Rock ptarmigan (raicho)
86. Japanese serow (kamoshika)
87. Copper pheasant (yamadori)
88. Asian black bear (tsuki no waguma)
89. Maries’ fir Abies mariesii
90. Veitch’s fir Abies veitchii


91. Okutama Visitor Center
92. Beer Cafe Vertere Okutama
93. Hinohara taki-meguri
94. Hiking In Japan Community
95. Kanto Adventures
96. Outdoor Club Japan
97. Kyuya Fukada
98. Yoki Tanaka
99. Peaks magazine
100. Hiking kanji cheat sheet