Enmeiji Temple’s 250kg Bomb Fragment

A case of being stuck next to the wrong neighbour

Japanese Buddhist temples are generally places associated with worship and a space to enjoy a moment of quiet contemplation. It therefore seems odd that a temple would have ammunition on display in the temple grounds. In the case of the Enmeiji Temple in Musashino City it’s a 250kg bomb fragment from WWII. Whilst certainly unusual there’s a perfectly good explanation for its presence which is the temple once stood beside a Nakajima Aircraft Company manufacturing facility. These plants were a prime target for American bombardment during the later stages of the war and it’s not surprising a few went astray. The factory afterwards became Musashino Central Park and the temple itself makes a pleasant enough spot to drop by.

  Close up of the 250kg bomb fragment.

  Front view of the fragment.

  Enmeiji Temple in Musashino City.

  Front of Enmeiji Temple.

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