10 Best Outdoor and Adventure Blogs

Updating my Outdoor Allies blogroll recently made me think about which blogs not only have the most engaging content but also genuinely seek to inspire our outdoor adventures. Whilst the following list is not meant to be all-encompassing and authoritative it does however uncover a few lesser known sites worth adding to our blogrolls and regularly checking back on. Here humbly I present, in no particular order, the 10 Best Outdoor and Adventure Blogs.

1. Hiking in Finland

A blogroll on the outdoors wouldn’t be complete without a nod to Hendrik Morkel at Hiking in Finland. As one of the hardest working stalwarts of the outdoor scene, Hendrik makes a concerted effort to promote us fellow outdoor bloggers through his customary ‘The Week in Review’ piece where he provides a snapshot of current news, trip reports and gear reviews.

2. The Adventure Journal

The Adventure Journal has been running for a few years now and covers a wide breadth of outdoor pursuits. Steve Casimiro the founder of Adventure Journal is an accomplished photographer and through his site brings a refreshing perspective to outdoor adventure.

3. Section Hiker

The Section Hiker is a blog that has garnered immense readership over the years. The author Philip Werner’s adventures along the Appalachian Trail make for terrific reading along with his tips and advice for keeping out of trouble in the backcountry.

4. The Tozan Tales

A great blog focused on the Japanese Alps is Wes Lang’s The Tozan Tales. Tozan in Japanese refers to mountain climbing and Wes’s personal anecdotes always make for a refreshing read.

5. 50campfires

Nick at 50campfires is another blog worth bookmarking. Along with keeping us up to date with the latest gear reviews and culinary ideas on the fly, the site is a veritable almanac of great locales to camp and visit across the US.

6. Hiking the Trail

Another inspired blog I have enjoyed referencing over the past year is Hiking the Trail. The blog is the culmination of Adam’s adventures on the Appalachian Trail and through his writing show us a steadfast determination to realise his dream as a true outdoorsman.

7. Brian’s Backpacking Blog

If your ever looking for the ultimate how to guide on the great outdoors it hard to pass up Brian Green’s Backpacking Blog. The blog covers every manner of how to’s including indispensable advice on accurate map navigation along with a sound list of essential hacks that will provide peace of mind out on the trail.

8. semi-rad

Brendan Leonard the man behind semi-rad is a prolific writer and contributor to an endless array of outdoorsy publications. Semi-rad always seems to strike the right balance, with light-hearted candour combined with top-notch reporting to keep you updated on the latest outdoor offerings.

9. Meanderthals a Hiking Blog

A blog which I only recently started following is Jeff Clark’s Meanderthals a Hiking Blog. Along with Jeff’s passion for the outdoors, be prepared for some scenery that can only be described as stunning from his home state of North Carolina which includes the Great Smoky Mountains.

10. The Adventure Blog

One blog which is not regional inspired is Kraig Becker’s The Adventure Blog. Rather than focusing on one geographic area Kraig’s commentary on adventures and adventurers, span everywhere from the Himalayas to Patagonia. The wealth of information covered on this regularly updated site is quite staggering and is well worth your time to catch up on the latest news from around the globe.