Tokyo Wartime Concrete Aircraft Hangars

Vestiges from the Old Japanese Army Chofu Air Base

Surrounding Chofu Airport in western Tokyo finds several remarkably well preserved Second World War concrete aircraft hangars. Two of these shelters lie adjacent to one another whilst a third one is nestled in a residential area. In a similar vein to the Hitachi Aircraft substation, these important wartime relics have been kept through local efforts. As an interesting footnote, a nearby information board mentions that the foundation work for the airport was undertaken by prisoners from Fuchu Prison and even junior high school students due to a labour shortage. A total of 30 aircraft hangars including “OHSAWA 1 & 2” and one near Shiraitodai Station were built in 1944 to shield Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien “flying swallow” fighters during B-29 bombing raids.

OHSAWA 1 aircraft hangar.

Front of OHSAWA 1 aircraft hangar.

Thick reinforced concrete.

Model of a Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien fighter.

OHSAWA 2 aircraft hangar.

Shiraitodai aircraft hangar in a residential area.

Inside the Shiraitodai aircraft hangar.