Waterfall Wonders: Marugami Falls

Tracking Down Saitama’s Tallest Waterfall

Saitama Prefecture like neighbouring Tokyo has only one waterfall chosen as one of the 100 Japanese waterfalls of Japan way back in 1990. Whilst it’s not the easiest location to reach by public transport, those who do make the long trip out to see the Marugami Falls (丸神の滝 Marugami-no-taki) it doesn’t disappoint. The waterfall’s total height is 76 metres spread over three stages. We visited on a cold cloudy December afternoon and there wasn’t another person in sight. Apparently, there are few people who know about this waterfall including Saitama folk which makes it a great spot to enjoy some unspoilt nature. The Marugami Falls don’t feed massive amounts of water however its quiet, measured flow makes it a very beautiful waterfall.

Viewing the bottom stage from rest area.

The waterfall splits near the base.
  Access: take a 18-minute bus ride from Mitsumineguchi Station to the Ogano machi Yakuba mae. Transfer and take a second bus bound for Shirai Nakaguchi (25 minutes) and get off at the Marugami Falls bus stop a 15-minute walk.


  • Thanks for introducing this estimable waterfall – wonder if it ever freezes solidly enough to climb. It’s interesting to see that the 100 Waterfalls list was compiled by the Ministry of the Environment – but, inexplicably, they leave out the Great Waterfall in Tsurugi-sawa, which is surely one of the most impressive in the realm. Perhaps the bureaucrats only considered waterfalls that can be reached on a day trip…

    • The Marugami Falls do freeze over though based on the photos I’ve seen it would be precarious at best and more likely death-defying. Leaving out the Tsurugi Otaki waterfall was certainly an odd omission especially since Toyama Prefecture only gets one guernsey from the listing.