Dainichi Boulder Yamanashi Prefecture

A Climb up the Dainichi Boulder

Aside from scaling the majestic peak of Mt. Mizugaki, another equally stunning viewpoint was delivered from the Dainichi Boulder 大日岩 on the first day. I previously passed by this rather massive rock conglomeration during last year’s hike to Mt. Kinpu and was struck by how beautifully it contrasted with the blue autumn skies. Apart from taking a few quick snaps during the lunch break there was little time to explore further.

On this second visit with time on my side, I was eager to take a closer look and possibly even scamper its imposing escarpment. Another hiker that I met on route intimated that this was indeed possible though wasn’t certain of the path. Walking around the base a little I spotted a faded red arrow seeming to indicate a possible way up around the side which eventually led to stepped rock shelf. From here great views of Mt. Kinpu were afforded sporadically through the cloud and mist. To catch a glimpse of Mt. Mizugaki and climb up top required crawling under a precariously wedged boulder requiring the backpack to be removed. It was worth it though, as the opposing vista was similarly superb. With the weather slowly deteriorating it was time to head back down and pay quiet thanks for the opportunity to have seen these two grand hyaku-meizan mountains.

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