Ueno Village Gunma Prefecture

A Cave, Suspension Bridge and Dam – Ueno Village has it all!

Apart from our hike to Mt. Kasamaruyama and visiting the Ireino Sono Shrine we took some time out to visit some of Ueno Village’s other tourist offerings including the Fujido Cave 不二洞 which is reputed to be the largest in the Kanto area. The cave stretches over two kilometres and according to local legend was discovered by a Buddhist monk 400 years ago through studying the comings and goings of local wildlife. Basically a car is needed to access the cave while the alternative is slugging it up from route 299 taking around 1 hour and 15 minutes. The cave is situated opposite the equally impressive Ueno Sky Bridge 上野スカイブリッジ which spans some 225 meters and hovers 90 meters above the valley below. Strategically placed along it’s girth are some rather funky soap bubble machines which provide a surreal experience while they are cranking. Finally we made a brief stop at the Ueno Dam 上野ダム which is near a waterfall recommended by the tourist information centre. The car park at the TEPCO run dam was all but deserted so we took our time roaming about until the unsettled weather decided otherwise.

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