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Publishing this blog provides a lot of pleasure and as such I want to do it well. That means not just helping or entertaining my existing readers, but also bringing new people in and encouraging them to get out and explore the myriad of hiking trails and wonderful nature on Tokyo’s doorstep.

This year some regular readers kindly and most unexpectedly asked how they might be able to contribute to and support Ridgeline Images. Over the years I have supported this site through traditional advertising and affiliate links with varying success. It’s now time for a different approach. That is to ditch much of the advertising clutter especially on the homepage, which I feel distracts from the content and add a ‘Buy Me a Coffee’ button.

What Ridgeline Images Hikers are Saying

  thanks. moving to Japan and my language skills are minimal, but getting better. I’ve wandered many trails in Japan and feel in desperate need of all tools for obtaining and mastering the details of good trail maps as I often hike alone.

  Thank you for the adventure tips. We follow your steps and enjoy the trips.
Gonzalo Reutter

  David was a huge help in planning my own multi-day trip. Great site, keep it up.

  Hey David, I have really enjoyed your blog over the years & I want to see it continue. As a fellow Japanese mountain adventure writer I understand the costs, both monetary & time of running a website.

  thanks for compiling these hikes – it’s very useful.
Alex O

  Thanks for all the useful information and tips on Ridgeline Images that helped my hike goes smoothly! Keep writing please!

If you have enjoyed reading about my outdoor adventures and trail writeups and want (and are able) to support the continuation of my blogging, please consider clicking the Ko-fi button and making a small donation. Any donations will mean a lot to me, but please do not feel obligated to donate. The service sets a minimum of $3.00 roughly equivalent to the price of a coffee. If you decide to support me that money will go towards site maintenance, hosting and the hard work that goes into offering all this information for free.

You can also support Ridgeline Images at no cost to you by clicking these vendor links before making purchases.

Thank you in advance for supporting my blog, whether it is through a donation or just by reading, commenting and sharing what I write. This blog wouldn’t exist without my readers and I am grateful for all of you 🙂

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