Hiking Trails Now Embedded on Maps

Waypoints Successfully Embeded!

For sometime now I considered a drawback of this site was the failure to provide schematic hiking routes. I have now addressed the issue by manually embedding waypoints onto each map using WP Google Maps a WordPress plugin. While rather time-consuming and laborious I’m pleased with the overall result and hopefully it will assist hikers to more ably reconcile the route and hiking descriptions. Along with showing the actual hiking route, you can click on individual map icons to glean further information. I have also created a new page titled Hiking Trails on the home page which displays all hikes in a neat table corresponding with a large scale map. Lastly the plugin allows you to generate a rather nifty ‘Map Mashup’ as illustrated below.


  • David,
    For foreigners who don’t read Japanese, getting detailed trail maps can be a challenge. (I myself can read well enough to get by.) Your technique above looks promising. I came across Wikiloc, a global site / service that appears to be free. Have you tried it?


    • Hi Dan, your right decent English topo maps are few and far between and apart from some popular destinations like Mt. Takao and around Okutama and they don’t seem to exist. I had a look at Wikiloc and looks like a terrific communal site for uploading GPS data and would be interested in trying it out sometime. Thanks for passing on the info!