Tokyo Mountains with Names Overlaid

A Panorama of Mountains from Tama Lake in Tokyo.

The Tokyo Metropolis sits on the Kanto Plain, the largest lowland area in Japan and home to around a third of the country’s population. To the east, the city is bordered by the Edogawa River and Chiba Prefecture, in the south by the Tama River and the west by the Okutama mountains and Yamanashi Prefecture.

Presented here is a fleeting panorama of 21 mountains spanning from Mt. Maruyama in Uenohara, Yamanashi to Mt. Kawanori in Okutama, Tokyo. The photos were taken from Tama Lake in Higashiyamato City. Points of interest include Mt. Kumotori the highest mountain in Tokyo and the mountain ranges near Mt. Daibosatsu. Sadly on this occasion good ol’ Mt. Takao was just out of frame.

  Okutama mountains from Tama Lake – frame one.

  Okutama mountains from Tama Lake – frame two.

  Okutama mountains from Tama Lake – frame three.

  Okutama mountains from Tama Lake – frame four.

  Taking in the mountains in their entirety.

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