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Recapturing this 500-yen Banknote Classic

Mt. Fuji as Seen on the 500-yen Banknote Until the release of the 500-yen coin in 1982, its corresponding paper equivalent reigned for more than 40 years. In fact, it wasn’t until 1994 that the 500-yen banknote was finally withdrawn from circulation. One side of the note featured Tomomi Iwakura a...

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Kozushima: Tako Bay Campground

Discover one of Tokyo’s Hidden Gems Last year I had the good fortune of staying at the Sokodo campground on Hachijojima Island. For a free campground, the facilities...

Shinano-Kawakami Station

Old-world Charm: Enter Shinano-Kawakami Station The effects of Japan’s declining population are being felt in virtually all aspects of Japanese society and public...

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